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Looking for dance lessons in Brussels?
Learn to dance at BE-TANGO and discover this passionate couple dance.

“More than 15 years of experience in dance classes Argentine tango, milonga and waltz.”

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Upcoming Activities

Discover the basic steps of tango during our weekly tango classes as of September 2024!

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How do you know if Argentine tango is for you? Did you ever follow a dance course before but never tried tango, for instance?
So, join our free trial dance class and meet the teachers of BE-TANGO. 

Simply register today and book your free try-out now.
Meanwhile have a look at our video section. Undoubtedly you will want to give it a try!

Start learning the basics of this couple dance. For example, in one of our dance schools in Brussels or Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.

Argentine tango is a couple dance, originated at the Rio de la Plata (Buenos Aires and Montevideo). It is a pure improvisational dance, hence it is different than the European ballroom tango. Join our dance classes tango in Brussels!

dance classes in Brussels
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You have already taken tango lessons before, however never at BE-TANGO?
In our dance studio’s you can follow several levels, from tango lessons for absolute beginners till the advanced level.

We welcome registrations for both singles and (dance) couples. So, when you don’t have a dance partner, you can ask BE-TANGO’s support. 

You would like a private dance class because you want to improve your tango moves? You you and your partner have wedding plans so you want an original wedding dance?
Look no further! We have the skills and the team ready for you!

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couple gancho

More of a workshop kinda person, are you? BE-TANGO has the solution! 
The monthly dance workshops, for instance! We organise them so you can improve your dance steps.

These workshops precedes the BE-TANGO milonga’s. To clarify, “milonga” is the actual name for the dance evenings in Argentine tango. Often, they include a dance couple or tango orchestra performing live during the night.

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We would Be happy to meet you so you can learn to dance Tango

Write us an e-mail today, we will be glad to answer your questions!

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