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Sonja and Sven are Belgian and have been dancing since they were 7.
Sonja has a classical ballet education.  Sven has been a sports guy ever since he could walk.  Before dedicating his hart to dance (he is in fact a hip hop and street dancer), he was a semi-professional tennis player for years, training with some of the later on known Belgian stars in tennis.  When starting with tango in 2006, he discovered his Argentine roots (his belated grand-mother was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Sonja & Sven started to dance Argentinian tango in 2006.
They have been teaching since 2009 in Belgium and abroad.
In 2011 they decided to dedicate their professional lives completely to the passion of the tango.

The speak/understand: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Italian & German


As of 2013 they travel in Europe as in the United States, where they are regularly asked for performances, demonstrations, workshops,… Their clear and precise didactics are the key to their successful workshops.
Some places where you might have seen them: Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Serbia, New York,…
Since 2009 they visit Buenos Aires each year to improve their dancing and performance skills. In February 2013 and 2014 they taught and performed -as the first Belgian couple ever- at one of Buenos Aires’ most renowned festivals: Misterio Tango festival.

On several international tangofestivals they work together with Carlitos Espinoza, Noelia Hurtado, Fausto Carpino, Stéphanie Fesneau, Sebastian Achaval, Roxana Suarez, Ariadna Naveira, Fernando Sanchez, Sebastian Arce, Mariana Montes, Mariela Sametband, Alberto Colombo, Moira Castellano, Gaston Torelli, Dana Frigoli, etc.


A long search for their style identity led them to a simple and a musical dance, tango salon and milonguero fusion style. In this style they embrace tradition with dynamics and flexibility.
The energy and love they share as a couple, resorts among the spectators during their performances.

They are the driving force behind BE-TANGO, the tango studio established in Brussels since 2013 that offers good basic technique on steps, posture, musicality and provides you the essence of Tango Argentino, along with the guidance to find your own tango identity.