Half an hour of tango and wine live classes

The idea is simple: an online tango class with Sven & Sonja, which we’ll start by saying cheers to one another (with wine, or beer, or juice, or anything you fancy), followed by a short class of Argentine tango.


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We’ll send you the link to our live tango classes 24 hours prior to the session!

Practical information

What do you need?

Laptop, Ipad, or smartphone and about 2 sq metres of dancing space in any room of your house, appt. and of course… a glass of wine! ;-)
Then… just browse to the link we will send you few minutes before the specified time of the live session.
Click on the live session you want to join. If you have a youtube/gmail account, you will be able to live chat with us during the session. (you can also watch without an account.)

Not able to make it?
Don’t worry the video will be published online afterwards on our youtube channel. We will send you the link after the session.

Looking forward to “seeing” you there!

What our students say about tango;

Sonja and Sven are a perfect example of devoted teachers. Through their passionate and involved way of teaching, one could feel that they gain pleasure by watching their students advancing during their lessons. They deliver quality lessons every single week, paying attention to every student individually and create a “safe” learning environment combined with the right amount of humor.


Sonja and Sven are excellent teachers with deep technical knowledge of the details of tango. They focus strongly on technique and the fundamentals of tango, so that dancers learn correctly and can benefit in the long-term. Both teachers are great, willing to help and very pleasant at a personal level. They have managed to create a welcoming community feeling, further reinforced by the regular milonguitas and practicas. Highly recommended for beginners and experienced tangueros alike.


Very enriching experience, so different from any other kind of dance. We really want to learn it and will continue. Sonja and Sven are professional and funny at the same time. Nice couple.

H. W.

Passionate teachers Sonja & Sven are also patient and ironic. I love their class, time runs too fast.


We teach tango, vals (waltz) and milonga

When we dance tango, we do not only dance tango… we also dance vals and milonga.

  • Milonga is a fast and rhymtical dance, defined by it’s simple steps and fun musicality. We call it the salsa or the rock and roll of Argentine tango.
  • Vals is, like the English and Viennese waltz, a circular dance where we dance continuously to the 1-2-3 rhythm. 

It’s really fun! You can even dance tango to non-tango music (pop-music) if you wanted to!

Enjoy the encounters with different dancers

Tango is an international dance, danced throughout the entire world.
It is the perfect tool to meet people from all over and from all ages.

As all major cities have their own tango parties and tango festivals, you will be able to enrich your holiday- our business trips abroad with a night out dancing.