Milonga in Brussels

Practice tango at La Milonguita!

La Milonguita

If you are looking for a fun night out, you should join our monthly milonga. Because here you can practice tango, meet people & enjoy a glass of wine.


Before each Milonguita Sonja & Sven teach a tango workshop on different subjects so you improve your dance.


Every third Saturday of the month. Check the schedule on


Rue Montoyer 1, 1000 Brussels.


Free & easy parking in the surrounding streets.

Public transport

Metro Trône across the street.

Shows & workshops with famous maestri

On a regular basis, famous tango maestro couples are invited. They give tango workshops and shows at La Milonguita.
For example, in the past we welcomed Fausto Carpino & Stéphanie Fesneau, Mariela Sametband & Guillermo Barrionuevo, Selen Sürek & Alper Ergökmen, and many more. 
Discover some of our favorite shows in our tango video section.

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milonga brussels milonguita

What is a "milonga"?

The “milonga” is the place where Argentine tango is danced. Most milongas are organised on a regular basis. In addition, nearly all offer tango workshops before the start of the dance evening.

Moreover, on some occasions the milonga is paused for a tango show by a famous (international) dance couple.

The milonga has a code of conduct, which is respected by all dancers. To know more about this, check our section on tango tips.

“Milonga” is also the name of one of the tango dance styles. This might be confusing for beginning dancers. But we explain during class, so you know there is a different context.