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Are you a beginner dancer and you would like to learn how to dance? Therefore you are in search for a dancing school near you?
Or, you have already some experience with tango? Perhaps have you been taking tango classes for a while now. Consequently, you want to continue improving your dance?

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How we teach? To sum up:

Technique & posture

When following dance lessons Argentine tango it’s crucial to form a good foundation. Our teachers have an eye for detail. Because they believe the keys to really enjoy dancing are: firstly, a good dancing technique and secondly, body awareness.

For this reason, we focus on the technique of walking, pivoting and balance. As a result, you get a comfortable connection between the dance partners.

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dance lessons argentine tango

Musicality and improvisation

Because tango is a folk dance at heart, we spend a lot of time on learning how to improvise. Accordingly, you will get the feeling that you are “really” dancing. Even if you only have been following a couple of lessons.

In addition, the teachers have a degree in music and also play instruments themselves. Inevitably, they have good knowledge of music theory.
Hence, they are able to learn you to dance easily to the music of the tango orchestras.

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