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Why follow private dance lessons?

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For tango dancers

For instance, you would like to perfect your technique or secondly, you are not satisfied with the way you dance? Maybe you want to fully master a certain movement or a figure? Or it could be that you simply want to prepare for the new dance season, …

Either way, all the teachers of BE-TANGO give private lessons. You can book these for yourself or together with your partner. Moreover, you could also be taking these with a few friends. There are several combinations possible. So, simply contact us for more information!

Wedding Dance lessons

Sonja and Sven danced a tango at their own wedding. And ever since, they have created several beautiful tango wedding dances for other couples. So, if you have wedding plans and you’re looking for an original opening dance that will amaze your guests, contact BE-TANGO! Together with you and your partner we choose the music and we work out a choreography based on your wishes.

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Certainly, you do not always need a good excuse as a wedding to learn a choreography. Whatever your reason is and however you see it, make sure to contact us for more details!

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Wedding Dance
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