Workshops for intermediate and advanced dancers!

Before each “La Milonguita”, BE-TANGO proposes you one workshop.


Registration is compulsory as places are limited. Send an e-mail to: [email protected], informing on your name, your partner’s name and a valid mobile phone number.If you do not have a dance partner, please mention also your age, height, the languages you speak/understand. We help you were we can in your search for a dance partner.

WHY follow workshops at BE-TANGO?
Another angle, another approach than your regular tango school can give you another perspective. Broaden your tango world and experience something else. Change is good to evolve. Questioning your tango too. It’s the only way to growth.

WHO are the teachers at BE-TANGO?
Sonja & Sven;  Upon today one of the rare professional couples in Brussels that continues to search for growth and evolution in their dance, with the mission to pass this on to everyone following their classes. They have a constant drive to know more, to learn more, to evolve, to master and the mission to make you dance and explore YOUR Argentine tango.They work with the top of the top: Noelia Hurtado, Carlitos Espinoza, Fausto Carpino, Stéphanie Fesnau, Moira Castellano, Gaston Torelli, Mariela Sametband, etc.