Tango classes in Woluwe for intermediate beginners

Because you have followed at least 8 to 10 beginners classes at BE-TANGO or elsewhere and you are ready for more tango?
Or maybe you have followed one intensive beginnersweek-end and you would like to join the weekly classes? In fact, you have danced before but you would like to review the basics again?

According to whatever your reason might be, continue with a new series at BE-TANGO. Above all, you will benefit from it! And as a result, you will get more familiar with the Argentinian tango, its music, the steps and rhythm.

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Join our weekly dance lessons

First year's PLUS

Tuesday at 19:00

First lesson: 10-9-2024


 Tango class     Practica Rue Montoyer

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First year's Part One

Thursday at 19:35

First lesson: 12-9-2024


 Tango class     Practica Rue Montoyer

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Practical information

In case you miss a class, you can catch up in a class of the same (or lower) level on another evening/location. Consequently, missed courses are to be caught up within the duration of the class cycle and with the registered partner. Consult the terms and conditions on this website.

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