International tango events & milonga's

Discover our favorites abroad.

Every major city has its own tango festivals, milonga’s and tango marathons. As a result, many tangueros combine a city trip with tango!

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Here you can find all information about tango festivals worldwide.

A complete calendar of all international tango marathons.

Our favorite tango festivals

Although this is a large festival and marathon it does have a cozy atmosphere. Moreover, it is hosted in a city with one of the world’s most dynamic tango communities.

This welcoming festival in the capital of Slovenia, hosts a variety of dancers from all over Europe. Furthermore, they invite great maestros who give stunning performances!

This is definitively the hottest tango party we ever attended. It takes place in the gorgeous town of Poreč in Croatia. Besides the world’s finest dance teachers, there are daily workshops, special events and countless milonga hours.

As the name suggests, Vienna is the city where Tango Amadeus took place. Besides the breathtaking venues and awesome maestros, hundreds of international dancers attended. Moreover, we were lucky to be part of the team in the 2014 edition.

This tango festival in Prague -the “Golden City“- is known for its color-themed gala nights, not to mention the astonishing venues!
Besides the live music, amazing teachers and performers, it also had an intimate marathon and epic after parties.
We loved this event every single time.

Our favorite tango marathons

The BE-TANGO team enjoys lot’s of tango marathons worldwide. As an illustration, we give you a short overview of the ones we attend(ed).

PTM is one of our preferred marathons! Since 2013, the best dancers from all over the world gather here in February. Furthermore, this event has a great atmosphere, serves delicious food and welcomes amazing people.

The Wonderful Copenhagen Tango Marathon was one of our first marathons. We have very dear memoires from dancing at this event. And some of the people we have met there, became friends for life.

Palace Cita is the new spring edition of La Cita.
It gathers 120 dancers and 6 international Dj’s in a historical art deco ballroom near the Grand-Place of Brussels.

La ToSCA was first organised in 2009. It was created to assemble amazing dancers from all over the world in Tuscany, Italy. Unquestionably, this is one of the largest tango marathons we know.

This tango marathon is being held in Milan. We like this one very much because of the dancers and the bright venue. Moreover, this event is close by the Fondazione Prada. So you can combine both your passion for dancing and art.

In short: La Cita.
This tango meeting has two editions.
The first one, the winter edition, is held in Brussels at “Les Brigittines”. This venue is a “Contemporary Art Centre for Movement and Voice of the City of Brussels”. And the second one, the summer edition, is organised in Spa, near the race circuit of Francorchamps.