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Our tango school

BE-TANGO was founded in 2012. Established in Brussels, the studio offers good basic technique on steps, posture and musicality.
Therefore, our dance school provides you the essence of Argentine tango, along with the guidance to find your own tango identity.

history of tango


Discover the rich history of the Argentine tango, its origin and how it spread the world.

tango music bandoneon


Learn all about tango music, the instruments, the famous orchestra’s, the different musical styles, …

tango steps


What kind of steps will you learn during your tango class? For example, caminata, salida cruzada, boleo, giro, …

Practical information

Who are celebrities in the Argentine tango scene? Who is hot in Europe and who are the dancing stars of Argentina?
In other words: “Who’s dancing who?”

Are tango shoes different then regular shoes or other dancing shoes? Absolutely!
Where can you buy them? I am a beginner: do I need these? What about shoes for advanced dancers?
In short: “What’s in a shoe?”

Milonguero, Tango de Salon, Tango Nuevo, …
Simply put: which types of tango styles are there?
What kinda tanguero or tanguera are you?

Is there a dress code for attending tango classes? Which shoes are suitable for trying Argentine tango the first time? Why do I loose my equilibrium when dancing my ocho? How to invite a follower in the appropriate way at the milonga? I cannot get my follower to follow my lead, what am I doing wrong? I am attending my first milonga, is there a code of conduct?

These and lot’s more faq’s to discover.

Going to Buenos Aires?

Are you planning to travel to Argentina and visit Buenos Aires?
The dancers of BE-TANGO have been travelling for many years to the birth city of tango. And they are happy to share any information with you.

Milongas in
Buenos Aires

Salon Canning, Club Gricel, El Beso, La Viruta, Villa Malcolm, El Yeite, …

Where to follow classes?

The Argentine tango maestri we highly recommend.

Buying tango shoes
in Buenos Aires?

Shoes, shoes, too many shoes, a guide to all the shoe shops in Buenos Aires.

Things to visit!

Discover la Boca, Casa Rosada, Cementerio de la Recoleta, the old port, …

Where to eat?

Argentine steak, vegetarian options, wine bars, …

Practical things

Taxi’s, bus, train, money exchange, …


Our picture gallery with photos of performances, classes & events.

Our video gallery with some of the favorite performances by the BE-TANGO teachers and maestri.

Join our online tango classes recorded live during the Covid-19 lockdown.