Free tango class

Learn to dance tango during a free introduction class

Discover tango today!

On a regular basis we teach free initiation classes at BE-TANGO so you can get familiar with the Argentinian Tango.
After this class you can decide if you would like to register for our weekly beginner classes
Also, you will get the opportunity to register immediately for weekly beginners classes at BE-TANGO.

If you are interested in following a free trial class, please subscribe by using the form below.

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    What to expect from the trial session?

    In total the class takes about one hour, during which you will learn the basics. In addition, you will get a short introduction about the history of tango.

    After this trial, you’ll have an idea on how tango is danced. Inevitably, this session will be go faster compared to the weekly classes. To clarify, when you follow tango classes on a weekly basis, you’ll notice we enter more into the details about stepping, posture, music, following and leading capacities.