Advanced Tango classes in Woluwe

In order to register for this level, you have at least three years of tango experience. You have a profound knowledge of the basics of tango. In addition, the rhythm and music of tango, milonga and waltz are no strangers to you.
Above all, you follow various workshops on a regularly basis. Moreover, you frequently go out dancing in the milonga’s.

When following this level, you can expect some challenges. The skills you’d master already, will be analyzed once again. We’ll trigger you as our aim is to make you even better!

As a result, your body awareness, technique, posture, maintaining connection with the partner, musicality and improvisation will excel.

So, if you are up for it, you can find it in the intermediate & advanced classes of BE-TANGO. Most importantly, you will benefit!

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Join our weekly dance lessons

Thursday at 20:40

First lesson: 12-9-2024


 Tango class     Practica Rue Montoyer

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Practical information

In case you miss a class, you can catch up in a class of the same (or lower) level on another evening/location. Consequently, missed courses are to be caught up within the duration of the class series and with the registered partner. Consult the terms and conditions on this website.

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